Death in the Digital Age


Cemeteries are public libraries of stories. But they aren’t sustainable spaces—ecologically or culturally. Our world is increasingly urban, urban land is limited, and we can document and preserve everything digitally.

As a 2018-2019 Fulbright - National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellow, I am in the UK and Singapore producing Death in the Digital Age, a podcast and multimedia project about the changing role of cemeteries in our land-starved, digitally-documented era. How and where do we remember the dead in our changing world? What is “permanence” in a rapidly urbanizing, mobile planet? And what happens if our documentation technologies prove to have short shelf-lives?

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Watch the project overview presentation at National Geographic HQ, July 2018:


I arrived in the UK in early September of 2018. Follow this project via email updates, on Instagram at @itskatiethornton, or on my blog (all project-specific posts are also featured above).