Sound Memories: Ariaf


- listen time: 4 minutes -

Sound Memories is a series of sonic portraits portraying varying perspectives on how and where we remember the dead in our changing world. I spoke with Ariaf, who manages all of Bristol, England's public cemeteries and crematories, as he drove me from site to site on an autumn day. Though many of the sites were very old, we talked about the future of graveyards—and how cemeteries can be more accessible to more people. Listen to Ariaf’s story below.

Read more from Ariaf and others in the companion article, Can Cemeteries Be a Tool for Equity?


Katie Thornton Fulbright National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellow Death in the Digital Age Audio Cemetery

Katie Thornton is a Fulbright - National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellow currently in the UK and Singapore to produce “Death in the Digital Age,” a podcast and multimedia project about how and where we remember in an urbanized, digitized world. Be sure to follow the project on Instagram, via occasional email updates, or on the project blog!


Disclaimer: All photos and audio by Katie Thornton, 2018. Music by Elori Kramer. No reuse without permission.

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