Photos from the Field: DitDA in National Geographic

Memorial spaces in England are changing. They have to change—England is a small, urbanized, land-limited nation. It’s digitally connected, presenting new ways to remember our personal and collective histories. It’s rich with diversity in life, and in death. Some of the country’s old graveyards have been lost completely, hidden under development and transportation infrastructure. Other old cemeteries have been adapted to become parks and historical sites, but even the history buried there is limited—the history of grand monuments is a history of wealth and access. But today, Englanders have other ways to remember their loved ones.

National Geographic UK published this web article about my research. They also shared a series of photos I took in the field, a visual essay in which I introduce you to some of undertakers, gravediggers, historians, artists, technologists, and more who are changing the ways and places Englanders remember their loved ones and their communities. See those spaces and meet those people in the article’s gallery.

National Geographic Magazine also profiled me and my work in the May magazine! Thank you, National Geographic!

Katie Thornton National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellow Death in the Digital Age Podcast Audio Storytelling Cemeteries